Nextpost v4.3.1 + 60 Modules + 8 Skins + 15 BugFix + 42 Mod Patch Updated



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Apr 29 , 2020

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  • Nextpost 4.3.1 (Patch updated + API with location correction)


  • NextPost Boost 1.3.4
  • NextPost Auto story repost
  • NextPost FB SHARE + MOD
  • NextPost Send Email
  • NextPost Tag People Module 1.6
  • NextPost Sendsms
  • Nextpost module auto view stories
  • NextPost Quick source search
  • NextPost My Feed 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
  • NextPost Hotmart
  • NextPost Mass lookingv3
  • NextPost Auto Follow Filtered v1.1
  • Nextpost Online Users Module
  • Nextpost FAQ (Helpcenter)
  • NextPost Invoicer 1.0.2
  • NextPost Auto180 Method
  • NextPost-Auto-Like-4.1
  • NextPost-Auto-Unfollow-4.1
  • NextPost-Auto-Comment-4.1
  • NextPost-Auto-Repost-4.1.1
  • NextPost-Welcomedm-4.1.1
  • NextPost-Auto-Follow-4.0
  • NextPost-Auto Repost Plus-3.0
  • NextPost-Coupon Checkout-1.3.0
  • NextPost-NextCoupon-1.0
  • NextPost-Downloader-0.1
  • NextPost-Genhash-0.1
  • NextPost-Lead-Generation-1.0
  • NextPost-CRM- Atualizado
  • NextPost-Subscriptions-Module-1.0
  • NextPost-Lead Search-4.0
  • NextPost-SpeedTest Module-1.0
  • NextPost-phpAnalyzer-1.1.5
  • NextPost Pixedit-v2.0.0
  • NextPost PGSeguro-1.0.0 + 1.0.1
  • NextPost Post Manager Module-1.2
  • NextPost BankTransfer Module-1.1.0
  • NextPost Module Quick Setup-1.0.3
  • NextPost Moip-1.0
  • NextPost Instagram Sweepstakes – Giveaways Module-4.1
  • NextPost Auto Direct to Targeted Users-1.0
  • NextPost AnalyticsAdvanced-1.0.1
  • NextPost Instagram Tag People Module-1.6
  • NextPost Advanced-Management-2.0.1
  • NextPost Affiliate-4.1
  • NextPost SMM-2.0
  • NextPost Profile-Module-v1.0
  • NextPost Proxy Manager-1.4
  • NextPost-Ramhash-0.1
  • NextPost FAQ Module
  • NextPost mxg_relogin
  • NextPost PagesModule
  • NextPost Inbox
  • NextPost Monetizze – Brazilian payment gateway for NextPost
  • NextPost helpcenter
  • NextPost auto-approve
  • + Bonus
  • All modules


  • Video Processing Pack Modification
  • Tutorial MOD – Feedback Required Automatic for Boost
  • Back Button in Modules on mobile devices
  • Dark Side Mode + Time Settings function
  • Instagram Account Avatars in Modules
  • Option Disable new users registration + notice
  • Publish All
  • Boost Package Mod
  • Stats PDF Mod
  • Add Campo de WhatsApp na página de signup
  • 7 fixes for uploading videos in portrait mode for TimelineStories
  • Accounts page pictures MOD
  • Add Change Package button for Settings page and for Renew page in Nextpost 4 and higher
  • Add Renew button and subscription info to Top Bar in Nextpost 4.0 and higher
  • Auto Follow Advanced MOD
  • Auto Follow Ban Prevention
  • Auto Like Auto Delay
  • Back-and-Profile-Settings-buttons-for-Renew-page-and-Password-Recovery-page-in-Nextpost-4.0-and-higher
  • Bio Link Mod + Restore default link function – Bio Link Mod v3
  • Digital Guide How to Update Nextpost Instagram API files to latest version (17-12-2018) + modified files
  • Digital Tutorial Create your own proxy server with 3proxy
  • Digital Tutorial Show Media Library _ Preview and Enable Drag-n-Drop function on mobile devices
  • Disable square (1×1) crop in Album posts 2.2
  • double account prevention MOD
  • Integration guide Check is account already added by another user or not
  • Integration guide Hide system proxy from users at Add Account Page
  • Integration guide Notification for your Nextpost users with
  • Login_Nextpost
  • Network Exceptions Mod + Connection Break Adaptation for Mobile Proxies
  • newaccount-page-tutorialvideo-MOD
  • Pages-Tab-Mod-1.1-Integration guide Pages Tab Mod incl. first add-on Add Account Page (Notice and Description Message)
  • Pages-Tab-Mod-1.2
  • Story-Link-Mod-1-Integration guide Story Link with validation
  • Posting Tag Mod for Nextpost
  • Re-connect account with one click (instead of full re-login) 1.9
  • Time Slots Mod
  • TUI Image Editor
  • Verification method selector for Add New Account page-1.1
  • blackedition kt


  • Filsion-skin-nextpost-instagram-skin-3.0.1
  • Filsion-skin-nextpost-instagram-skin-3.0.2
  • Flatdrop Nextpost Instagram Skin
  • Neptune-2.0.1
  • Nextpost Ariana Skin
  • proskin-nextpost-skin-3.0.1
  • saturn-1.0
  • Uranus


  • Bugfix Feedback required – fix manual
  • Bugfix Clear Cookies, Swap Proxies Mod (feedback required fixed)
  • Bugfix Unknown Server Error at publishing Photo or Story
  • Bugfix Unknown Server Error at reposting Photo Album in Auto Repost Module
  • Bugfix Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Instagram accounts
  • Bugfix Auto-follow-v4-1
  • Bugfix auto-repost-v4-1-1
  • Bugfix Auto Like Couldn_t find the new media to like
  • Bugfix Auto Remove Media scheduled posts not deleted + placeholder
  • Bugfix Email verification in Nextpost for authorized users not working
  • Bugfix Empty Caption
  • Bugfix Set e-mail verification first in Nextpost ver. 4.2 and higher
  • Bugfix HTTPS Fix
  • Bugfix - _Unknown Server Error_ at publishing Photo or Story
  • Bugfix Fixing the No Config Error while adding new account

BONUS: Pixie Image Editor 2.1.1

Complement to activate advanced options of the module Pixedit 2.0 NextPost


  • API Update

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